In my opinion the most incredible location in the United States period. It's almost other worldly. The number of visitors is much lower than somewhere like Yellowstone and you can get lost in the sound of the wind through the mountains with no one else around.
Hidden Lake with Reynolds Mountain in the background. This is a view of Hidden Lake from above. The name is somewhat ironic as it's not a terribly difficult hike. Even so few people hike all the way to the bottom and back so you don't have to worry about a crowd.
Montana Route 89 as it approaches Glacier National Park. I totally get why they call Montana the Big Sky state.
View from the shuttle on Going to the Sun Road which crosses the entire park from east to west. An alpine meadow near the Cut Bank camping area. A view of the Three Sisters mountains from the Cut Bank camping area. This is where I parked and had a permanent camp for three days while I was backpacking.
Cliff face from the Hidden Lake trail. Even though this was August it was sad to see how little snow was left. This is basically a picture of a glacier dying. The definition is snow pack that lasts all year, I don't think this one made it.
Panorama over Glacier National Park from the Saint Mary Visitor Center A final view from the Saint Mary Visitors Center at the park exit. It was sad to leave.