Only twenty minutes from the Las Vegas lights the Spring Mountains rise over 10,000 feet above the basin below. Mt. Charleston is the highest peak in the range. While it is only the 8th highest mountain in the state by elevation it strikes an imposing figure with a very pronounced topographical prominence due to the rapid elevation gradient. It also has some great trails to hike if you're visiting Las Vegas and want to escape the city.
View from the ridge on Mt. Charleston South Loop Trail A view from the ridge atop the Charleston South Loop Summit Trail. This trail is currently closed due to a wildfire but you can still access the summit from the other direction.
A stream runs out of the Spring Mountains as the winter snow melts. One of the only places anywhere near Las Vegas to see running water.
Standing under Marry Jane Falls at Mount Charleston The terminal point of the Mary Jane Falls trail. This was in early spring but there still wasn't much flow going over the falls.
Standing under Marry Jane Falls at Mount Charleston Panorama of the Spring Mountains ridge. Mt. Charleston is visible in the upper left of the image. A final panorama from the North Summit trail.