Zion National Park has some fantastic hikes. Angel's Landing is especally majestic and is really not oversold by the official park hikes guide which describes it with the following casual warning. "Long drop-offs. Not for young children or anyone fearful of heights. Last section is a route along a steep, narrow ridge to the summit." There are also some canyoneering hikes through the narrow, tight crevices cut by the river. Those hikes have a daily limit on traffic so you should request a permit in advance for the day you want to visit.
A storm blows in over the north rim of Zion National Park One thing about the west is that you can often see a very long ways, and the storms come in pint sized wandering cells.
Mountains Some awesome mountain things. These features all have names given to them by the Mormon missionaries who discovered the valley, but I totally forget what they are.
A look up a steep cliff face towards the Angels Landing hike. Strong shadows on the ridge wall as the sun sets. Looking out over the valley from above. My friend Rachel enjoying the view. We had to walk across a stream in the winter and get our socks wet to get up here. Totally worth it though.
Snow high on a ridge of white rock. Twilight sets over the Virgin River. The winter is a great time to visit Zion if you can deal with the cold. The number of visitors is very low and you can drive all the way down into the valley. In the summer you have to park out at the entrance and ride a shuttle to get to any of the trail heads or more interesting views.
Bridge into Zion National Park.